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Vancouver Councilor Sarah Fox Seeking Re-Election to Retain Seat 6

Vancouver City Council Member Sarah Fox will seek re-election to retain Seat 6 and vows to continue elevating the voices of her constituents on the dais. As the only military veteran on Council, her focus for the next four years will be on community safety, comprehensive land use planning, and economic vitality.

Serving on the City Council has been an honor. I am seeking re-election to continue working on addressing our shared concerns about public safety, affordable housing, a strong SW Washington economy, and a healthy environment for all. I’m proud of the experience and perspective I have brought to the dais, reflecting my deep commitment to public service, accountability, and collaboration.”

Fox was elected in November 2019 and took office January 2020. The primary for her re-election is set for August 1. She serves as a liaison for the City Council on multiple committees including: Environmental Protection Agency’s Local Government Advisory Committee; Executive Board of the Children’s Justice Center; Finance Committee of the Columbia River Economic Development Council; and the Emergency Operations Center. While in office, she was awarded a Municipal Leadership Certificate, which signifies she completed more than 30 hours of additional training in the legal and financial areas of public service.

Fox has earned a reputation as an independent, thoughtful voice on council. She arrives well-prepared and pushes council to be collaborative when tackling complex issues. Some high points of the past three years include:

  • In her first 90 days in office, Fox was appointed to the Emergency Operations Center. This was the regional organization that was activated to address the often conflicting rules and news about the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Fox led changes to city code that allows for city employees to be proactively represented in lawsuits when they are faced with harassment and intimidation through the course of serving the city. Previously employees were on their own to seek restraining orders and navigate the onslaught. This law also protects any individual from harassment and intimidation within the sanctity of their homes--ending persecution by bullhorn.

  • Fox served on the task force for police accountability and through that work, designed a body camera program that was endorsed by a broad citizen committee and our officers.

Fox has over 18 years of urban planning experience and currently works on climate policy for the Washington State Department of Commerce in the Growth Management Services Department. She was born and raised in Vancouver and served six years in the U.S. Army, with her last year of service on a combat tour.


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