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Progressives Back Councilor Sarah Fox for Re-Election to Vancouver City Council

The Progressive Voters Guide (PVG) announced its endorsement of Councilor Sarah Fox for re-election to the Vancouver City Council, Seat 6.

In its announcement, the PVG stated, “Despite being more moderate than her opponent, Fox's work on the council, including on the urban tree program and the city's 2022 climate action plan, has earned her the endorsement of the Sierra Club, labor organizations, and several local Democratic organizations. We lean toward Fox because of this breadth of support.”

“I’m ecstatic to add the Progressive Voters Guide to my growing list of endorsements. It’s so refreshing to have support from each segment of the political spectrum, as it takes collaboration and compromise to truly be effective on the council,” shared Councilor Sarah Fox.

Since 2008, the PVG has compiled candidate research and endorsements to help voters make an informed vote. Present in ten states, the organization utilizes location data sharing through a voter’s web browser to help voters quickly locate the endorsed candidates in their area. Learn more at


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