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  • Sarah Fox

Incumbent Councilor Sarah Fox Endorsed by the National Women’s Political Caucus

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

[Vancouver, WA] — Current City of Vancouver Councilor Sarah Fox recently received an

endorsement from the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington (NWPCW). The

organization is known for recruiting and training women political candidates throughout the country, with the Washington chapter solely dedicated to electing women to public office at every level of government in the state.

In response to the endorsement, Councilor Fox said, “I am delighted to have received this

endorsement. I will continue to work tirelessly to encourage other women to run for public office in our state; this is a value that both the NWPCW and I hold dear. Together, we can foster inclusivity in local and state government, building a brighter future for all.”

To learn more or get involved with NWPCW, please visit


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