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  • Sarah Fox

Firefighters Endorse Vancouver Councilor Sarah Fox for Re-Election

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Incumbent Vancouver City Councilor, Sarah Fox, has received an early endorsement from IAFF Local 452 Vancouver Firefighters Union to retain Seat 6.

The endorsement was by unanimous vote and cites Councilor Fox’s dedication to improving public safety and for her assistance in seeing Proposition 2 (2022) come to fruition. In a statement, Councilor Fox stated, “Serving on the council’s subcommittee to develop the successful ballot resolution for Proposition 2 was a proud achievement of my first term as your City Councilor. We now have dedicated funding to improve fire response times and protect our citizens.”

The Primary Election is set for August 1, 2023, with full details related to registering to vote, requesting a change of address, and more available at the Clark County Elections Office or

“It would be an honor to continue the critical work of supporting improvements in public safety in the City of Vancouver,” Councilor Fox concluded.


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